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Shipping Policy

All orders placed on this site are subject to product availability, whether in stock or out of stock, and will be shipped accordingly.

Foodservice Equipment Brokers, Inc puts forth earnest effort to ensure that all orders are shipped in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. However, we cannot guarantee the delivery date of any order.

Each order may only have one "ship to" address. If you require multiple "ship to" addresses, please order separately for each address.


Most orders are shipped via LTL or FedEx. The shipping charges are automatically calculated based on both the weight and dimensions of the container(s) you order and destination. Common carrier shipments require a signature at the time of delivery and some carriers will not deliver without it.

If you are a residence other than a commercial address, you will need to indicate this when filling out the shipping information.

Please be advised that churches, schools and other specific instances are considered “Limited Access” by most LTL carriers and may affect final shipping calculations.

Your order will be delivered curbside on a full size semi-trailer truck.

The following is a list of YOUR responsibilities :

  • Removing the shipment from the truck.
  • Relocating the item(s) from the truck into your establishment.
  • Noting damaged or missing items on the carrier's delivery receipt.

If you do not make note of these issues in any way on the delivery receipt, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damaged or missing items. Your signature on the delivery receipt as is indicates that you have received your items in satisfactory condition, so please take time to inspect the shipment.

Once you have inspected and accepted the shipment, the sale shall be final and Foodservice Equipment Brokers, Inc. will not be liable or responsible for any damaged or missing items you subsequently discover.

Upon inspection, should you find that any piece of the shipment is damaged or missing :

  • Spell it out clearly on the delivery receipt prior to signing (i.e. - "missing Cambro containers", "hole punched in refrigerator packaging", "multiple dents on table", etc. “It’s damaged” is not clear so please give details and specifics.
  • Make sure to keep your copy of the delivery receipt.
  • Please contact us within 1 business day of receiving the shipment.
  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the damaged items and packaging.

Liftgate Service

Not all establishments are large enough to have their own loading dock and forklift. Most commercial equipment is large and heavy enough to require it.

A liftgate, simply put, is a motorized platform attached to the back of the truck which does the heavy lifting to the ground so that you can take it inside your business or home. Once the item is on the ground you are responsible for bringing it inside.

If you do not have an elevated loading dock, forklift or super human strength to unload your item, you will need a liftgate and must select this option at checkout. Even for equipment with free shipping, a liftgate fee may still be required.

Certain items like very long pizza prep tables or oversized outdoor ice merchandisers may be too large or heavy for a lift gate and will require a truck-level loading dock. If you do not have one, we recommend you contact us, so we can help to negotiate a viable solution for you.

IMPORTANT: You will need to be sure that you have sufficient and proper equipment and personnel to unload products delivered via common carrier, as their drivers are not required to aid in unloading your order. If you require methods and/or services not specified above, including, but not limited to inside delivery, lift gate delivery, flat-bed truck delivery, upstairs/high-rise delivery, delivery notification, residential delivery, or date specific delivery, you must contact us for a price quote on the desired additional service(s), as the additional charges vary by manufacturer. The charges for these additional services will be in addition to any shipping charges.

Your credit card will not be billed for the additional service(s) without your approval. If we determine additional charges are necessary (for example, residential delivery) that you have not approved, your order will not ship, and we will attempt to contact you using the email address and phone number you provided with the order. Your order will be cancelled if we are unable to contact you.

Local Delivery Service

For our local customer base, we provide free delivery within the NW Arkansas area. We service areas Northward on Tuesdays and Southern areas on Thursdays within a 30-50-mile radius.

Heavy equipment local delivery
We charge a $75 delivery fee for heavy equipment such as ovens, refrigerators, etc. and will apply automatically when Local Delivery is selected for a shipping method applicable to appropriate situations.