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Oven Thermometer

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Taylor Precision 5921N Oven Thermometer

Oven Guide Thermometer, 4-7/8" x 2-3/8", flange with stem, temperature range 100° to 600° F, Non Toxic Permacolor®, reference zone guide, hangs or stands, dishwasher safe, stainless steel construction


Comark Instruments (Fluke) OT600K Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer, mercury filled glass tube, temperature range 100 to 600°F, folding stainless steel frame, hangs or stands, carded (must purchase in multiples of 6 each) (item may be prohibited in certain U.S. states)


Taylor Precision 5932 Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer, 3" dial with glass lens, 100° to 600°F (50° to 300° C)temperature range, stainless steel casing, hangs or stands, NSF


Taylor Precision 3506FS Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer, 2-1/2" dial, 100° to 600°F (50° to 300° C) temperature range, hangs or stands, stainless steel, NSF


Comark Instruments (Fluke) EOT1K Oven Thermometer

Economy Oven Thermometer, dial, temperature range 100° to 600°F (38° to 315°C), hangs or stands, stainless steel construction, carded, (must purchase in multiples of 12 each)


Comark Instruments (Fluke) DOT2AK Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer, dial, temperature range 200 to 550°F (93 to 287°C), hangs or stands, colored zones for quick reference, stainless steel construction, carded, NSF (must purchase in multiples of 12 each)