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    Winco KSP-6 Blade Station Knife Sharpener - 6 1/2" Length

    Blade Station™ Knife Sharpener, 6-1/2"L x 6-3/4"W x 13"H O.A., hands-free, with adaptable mounting kit, dishwasher safe, sharpens both side, diamond coated rod, ABS plastic, NSF (Qty Break = 12 each)

    Winco KSP-2 2-Stage Knife Sharpener - 7 5/8" Length

    Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 7-5/8"L x 2-1/2"W, 2"H, 2-stage, manual, coarse carbide steel blades, ceramic honing rods, soft grip ergonomic handle (Qty Break = 12 each)

    Dexter-Russel EDGE-2 Sani-Safe Knife Sharpener - 12" Length

    Traditional­™ (07921) Sharpener, hand held, blue diamond sharpening stones & white ceramic polishing stones, Made in USA

    Winco SS-821 Fine/Medium Grain Sharpening Stone - 8" Length

    Sharpening Stone, 8" x 2" x 1"H, rectangular, fine/medium grain, carbonized silicone (Qty Break = 12 each)

    Dexter-Russel 3-WAY Traditional 3-Way Ceramic Rod Sharpener - 12" Length

    Traditional™ (07080) 3-Way Rod Knife Sharpener, ceramic rods, with three levels of coarseness, polypropylene end pieces, Made in USA

    Winco SS-1211 Fine/Medium Grain Sharpening Stone - 12" Length

    Sharpening Stone, 12" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/2"H, rectangular, fine/medium grain, carbonized silicon (Qty Break = 12 each)

    Dexter-Russel P8 Traditional Ceramic Sharpener - 8" Length

    Traditional™ (07010) Ceramic Sharpener, 8", ceramic blade, polypropylene black handle, with swivel ring

    Victorinox 7.8991.14 Diamond Steel Sharpener - 10" Length

    Diamond Steel, 10" oval, loose ring, hollow rod, nylon handle

    Victorinox 7.8991.2 Sharpening Steel - 10" Length

    Sharpening Steel, 10" regular cut, round, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag

    Victorinox 7.8991.3 Sharpening Steel - 10" Length

    Sharpening Steel, 10" fine cut, round, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag

    Dexter-Russel DDS-12S-PCP Sani-Safe Diamond Sharpener - 12" Length

    Sani-Safe® (07623) Diamond Sharpener, 12", with electroplated diamond dust and swivel ring, hone as well as sharpen, non-slip, polypropylene white handle, Perfect Cutlery Packaging, Made in USA

    Dexter-Russel 12SB-12 Traditional High-Carbon Butcher Steel - 12" Length

    Traditional™ (07323) Butcher Steel, 12", high-carbon file steel, magnetized, smooth, polished blade, nickel plated, black, polypropylene handle with guard and heavy duty ring, Made in USA

    Dexter-Russel 12SXL-PCP Traditional High-Carbon Sharpening Steel - 12" Length

    Traditional™ (07343) Sharpening Steel, 12", high-carbon, stain-free steel with special hardening process, coarse, polypropylene black handle with swivel ring, Perfect Cutlery Packaging, Made in USA

    Victorinox 7.8991.7 Sharpening Steel - 12" Length

    Sharpening Steel, 12" combination cut, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag

    Victorinox 7.8991.8 Sharpening Steel - 14" Length

    Sharpening Steel, 14" regular cut, round, loose ring, black plastic handle, with hangtag

    Knife Sharpeners

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